Saturday, May 8, 2010

Rally Report

The Rally For Access went rather well this day. I do wish there had been more in attendance but with everything being done with such a short time left to make comment it was good that a bunch of folks showed up on a Saturday morning. One really neat thing was that OBPA had managed to get a couple laptops set up with wireless access so that public comment could be made on the spot. I was pleased to see that many chose to do just that. I was disappointed to hear that those that made the walk to the rally from the fire hall were honked at and flipped off by a passing motorist and passenger. Apparently they are to uninformed to realize that if this place gets shut down, they wont be able to come here either.

When I was asked to speak at the gathering my first question was "about what"?.  The DEIS weighs eight pounds and change and is 810 pages long and covers a virtual smorgasbord of issues about access for everybody, not just someone driving their truck out to fish.

Law. I chose the law as it was written by Congress. The reason being is this incessant debate about where the actual recreational area is supposed to be, and what was intended as the mission for the Seashore.

How anybody could be confused by whats contained within the congressional legislation that created this Seashore is beyond me. And the debate is tantamount to an argument over whether a stop sign actually means STOP! Quite frankly I'm tired of federal law being ignored for the purpose of advancing an agenda whose test run, the Decree of Forced Consent, has already proven itself a failure. No benefit to wildlife but one heck of a cost to the American Taxpayer and devastating impact upon the economy of the Islands and Dare County, N.C. as a whole.

For those of you that have never been here, Hatteras and Ocracoke Islands, you better do it soon if you plan on going to the beach during your visit. Even if your just walking, the proposed NPS plan will keep you off this sand and some of the most spectacular spots anywhere in this country.

My next post this day will deal with the laws in question. For now, I think I'd better go out and tie the house down. Its blowing again and this place is shaking worse than a hundred Hula dancers in a Volkswagen. All part of the fun that comes with living in a house on sticks!

Tight Lines,


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