Sunday, May 2, 2010

Did The Consent Decree Claim Its First Human Life??

I've got to tell you, from time to time these access issues become so ridiculous that I have a hard time writing about them. Its the anger and frustration that get the better of me.

Yesterday a man lost his life at Hatteras Inlet when the charter boat he was in was struck by a rouge wave and capsized. Luckily, another charter captain noticed the upturned hull on his way through these treacherous waters and began to contact others to initiate a search for survivors. Still missing is the dog that accompanied the group as they headed out to fish.

The full story can be found at:

What pisses me off is that were it not for these draconian closures that have eliminated all human access to the beaches at the inlet, somebody would have been there on the beach and would have probably seen the accident as it happened and called 911 immediately, perhaps saving this mans life. Likely considering that the Coast Guard base is located right by the inlet.

The same environmental groups that have demanded these closures also prevent the replacement of the aging Bonner Bridge that has a safety rating of 4 out of a possible 100. How many more lives will be lost when it finally collapses?

Are you happy now Derb? It was your insidious consent decree that likely cost this man his life. I guess its not enough to suck the taxpayer out of his money and to line your pockets without benefit to wildlife. I guess its ok to put people at risk driving over a bridge that should have been replaced years ago but that your meddling has stalled again and again.

A very angry Wheat.

Tight Lines.

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