Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Just A Quick Note

Well friends, we're just about to the mark that leaves us only five weeks to compose and send comment to NPS regarding their final rule. They have already expressed no intention of a comment period extension due to their having failed to meet their April 1, 2011 deadline to have their "final rule" in place.

Interesting how NPS gets extensions and yet all of our extension requests have been denied.

What's important at this juncture is that you and everyone you can find, submit comment in favor of all access. Equally important is that your comment contain accurate information. I cannot stress the importance of looking to the access organizations and Island Free Press where you will find more, as well as this blog. You will also find instructions on how to submit your comment. Remember, during the comment period for the "Draft Environmental Impact Statement", 16,500 comments were rejected because they were submitted improperly.

The message is, get the facts, get involved, and then check your facts again before you comment.

Thanks to all the folks that have been working very hard to get the word out to the People about this travesty.

I'll post again soon.

Tight Lines,