Monday, May 17, 2010

HEY DERB, I Have A Question

Its Monday morning and I'm waiting for the rain err, car-wash but for the last 24 hours, all of the rain has stopped once it hits the western side of the Pamlico Sound, leaving us dry as a bone. Fishing's been slow as the ocean water temps are rather cool and holding alot of the fish we seek both offshore and many miles to the south. Of course, the other effect that this cooler water has is to delay turtle nesting and its entirely possible that this one factor alone could result in much lower nesting numbers than we had last year.

Throughout our collective experience under the consent decree, Derb and the "darkside" have continued to publish statements aimed not only at their supporters but the media as well. Always they claim that the results of the court sanctioned consent decree are outstanding with increased nesting etc. They also skew data relevant to the economic impact on the Islands and claim that its minimal which is utter horse-poop. Whats been interesting, even mildly encouraging, is that some in the media have begun to see through the "spin" and are beginning to openly question the validity of Derb's tripe. In spite of this, I'm still confident that we'll have more of the same at the end of this season.

But I'm curious Derb, what are you going to say this time? Its mid May 2010 and plover numbers are down this year. Already two nests have been lost to...wait for it...storms and predation. Did I mention that Oystercatchers haven't increased this year from last and in fact they have lost a pair of nests also, already?


Tight Lines.


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  1. LOL!!!

    You know, no lie can stand the test of time.

    That bunch has no morals. Since the Taxpayers end up paying their salary (through the continous lawsuits agains government entities), why should they? They are not hurting an individual, they are hurting the collective America....and since we all hate the Government, this must be ok....

    yeh. Bullshit. When they rot in hell for their sins, I hope they don't mind seeing alot of predators...