Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Beach Access Rally Saturday In Buxton...Be There!

Well folks, its free car-wash day here in Buxton and all the salt that had accumulated on my truck tackle box during the recent blow has been removed. In other words, its raining. And that makes for a good day to do chores and continue to work on comment about the Draft Environmental Impact aberration.

Comments must be submitted by 2am EST a week from today and are very important. If you're having trouble with all this, please visit http://www.preservebeachaccess.org/ where you will find a wealth of information and help with comment material and process. With just a little of your time, you can help shape the nature of the Seashore over the next decade and change.

The ability to make multiple comments over the course of the "comment period" means you can nitpick rather than having to write a novel. Please take the time to do so.

This fight is far from over. Comment that has been submitted by you and me must be reviewed by NPS. And we'll have yet another comment period when the final plan is released, probably in December. This is the one that counts the most though. Here we can influence what comes. So don't sit and wait for the final rule. We need to comment now. One week to go and the clock is ticking fast.

I'd like to take the opportunity to invite all of you to a gathering here in beautiful downtown Buxton. On Saturday, May 8th, a rally will be held at the Fessenden center in support of beach access. It begins with a 9:30 am march from the fire hall to the athletic field at the center (a few hundred yards) and will feature an assortment of speakers as well as volunteers versed in DEIS to assist in making your comments. It promises to be a good time. Yours truly has been asked to speak as well. So you might get a kick out of that one.

So come on down and enjoy the day as we fight the good fight and take some time to enjoy the beach and the variety of shops and excellent restaurants we have here. It'll be worth the trip!

Tight Lines,


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  1. I sent mine too, but just to give us ammmo if we sue. I truely feel the NPS could care less, Muarry and his bosses aint gonna change one thing in Alt F unless Turd Carter and his ilk tell them to do so.

    I took the rod rack off my truck this weekend. No need for it these days, maybe put it back on in the fall.

    On a positive note, get yer dern yak fixed so we can fish the sound!