Friday, May 7, 2010

Environmental Rhetoric v. A Sample Of Reality

Found today on the SELC page was a post by one Wanda Morris who clearly has swallowed all that she's read from these folks.  I had to comment, so here's what I said.  Her statements are in par-ens and mine in bold.

" There should be no Off Road Vehicles allowed on public lands. It causes erosion."

That may be true elsewhere but at Cape Hatteras National Seashore Recreational Area its the ocean and the wind that dictate erosion. If you had been here for any length of time, you would know this.

" ORV's run over piping plover"

Never in the history of the Seashore has there been one single Piping Plover mortality due to an ORV or pedestrian. That's almost 40 years of ORV use on the same exact beach that plovers have been nesting on and yet no known fatality including crushed plover eggs.

" and cause large ruts in which sea turtle hatchlings get stranded in on their way to the ocean."

For years NPS policy has closed the area in front of turtle nests all the way to the water. As such no such tire ruts exist around the nests.

"They also uproot important plants that provide shelter and food for certain species"

First of all, we don't drive on the dunes or the vegetation that lives on these beaches. That's against the law. I do however find it hilarious that you on the one hand wish to ban ORV traffic and at the same time provide even more habitat for predators. Apparently what you don't realize is that the more vegetation, the more cover for the animals that like to eat baby birds and eggs.

I suggest you stop concentrating on one sides view and look at both.

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