Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The people came just as Congress knew they would. Not in droves as we're a bit isolated and don't have many of the amenities, particularly shopping and night clubs, the swank motels and such that can be found up in say, Nags head or Kitty Hawk.  I remember riding down here with a girlfriend many years ago and asking her "where the hell are you taking me?". Little did I know at the time that many moons later my love of this place would become such that its almost impossible to get me to leave the island these days. Moving here was just an extension of the love I had already developed. You see, this place is magical. You need spend but one night out on this beach watching the Milky Way cross the sky with the sound of the surf as your "music" and you're hooked for life. Not only do we get treated to some of the most awe inspiring sunsets and sunrises but we traverse a beach that changes virtually every day, often dramatically. In the course of a single day, literally acres of this beach can shift or disappear entirely until the sea deposits it elsewhere. There is no question who is in charge here, we're all at the mercy of the ocean, the very entity upon which most of us rely on to make a living. Directly or indirectly, our lives are tied to the sea and the beaches it creates. This is also true of the wildlife that exists here.
Spend enough time here and you'll get to know the other part of "the magic", the people. Certain environmental groups would have you believe that we're nothing but an out of control, beer swilling rednecks that have nothing better to do than run over wildlife and destroy the beach by driving over the dunes and such.  Really Derb, Jason and Sid? Show me the proof!
That's not what we're about and that's not who we are. On the contrary, you could just about pick any profession you can think of and odds are I know somebody that fits the bill. My best friend for example, is a molecular biochemist. Others include engineers, a heart surgeon, teachers, salesmen, craftsmen, law enforcement and firemen, soldiers, sailors and airmen, just to name a few. We come from all races, ethnic backgrounds and all walks of life. And we come here because of the magic. Just last year, Jimmy Buffet was here for a while and wrote about it in his blog. Richard Dryfus has fished along side us at Cape Point as well. Yep, its a pretty diverse bunch.
One of the most amazing things that I've ever seen per se, is that every single soul I have ever talked to that frequents this Seashore has "the moment". I know because it has and still does happen to me. Somewhere along the road to this amazing place, we experience a point where the entire mind, body and soul just relax as though all the stress and troubles of life just immediately exit, leaving a pure sense of peace.

Our seashore is under attack without cause or harm being shown by those that would wish us off these beaches.

Tight Lines,


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