Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Beginning

So, I live on this sandbar, a ribbon of sand, about 35 miles from the mainland as the crow flies. Things here tend to be a bit on the quiet side which suits my nature I suppose. Most of the infrastructure to be found on the mainland doesn't exist here. We have no Walmarts, McDonalds or 7-11's, thats all about 70 to 100 miles away. No massive motels or huge theme parks will you find here. To find that, you have to go north to Nags Head and the other towns that make up what many consider to be the "Outer Banks". Ahh, but there's a secret...and it only begins when you cross the Bonner bridge across Oregon Inlet and wind your way down the one road into this amazing place. What saved Hatteras and Ocracoke Islands from such development was Congress passing an enabling legislation in 1937 which created the nations first National Seashore to be administered by the National Park Service without derogation of the mission, established.. The thought was that the people from both near and afar, needed a place unique among places where they could come and get away from the stress of every day life. Even then, it was recognized that this place offered particularly good fishing, swimming, sailing and other recreational activity. But now, in spite of repeated congressional amendment establishing that this place was set aside for recreation, we are being hammered by environmental groups, the Park Service and one Judge Terrance Boyle who collectively seek to destroy our economy and drive all of the American people from this seashore that was set aside by law for the enjoyment of future generations.
As I look out the window, clouds stream in from the Gulf Stream less than a dozen miles away (today) and the promise of rain, again, looms upon us all. At least its warm enough to have the windows wide open.
There's much more to say and I hope you'll be there to listen and perhaps help save your seashore from this unwarranted encroachment.

Tight Lines,


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