Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A New Nobel Prize?

I think there aught to be a new Nobel Prize. Maybe we need to start our own  committee but we'd call it the Lack of Nobility Prize, charge the winners a million dollars and put them in the stocks and pillory for a week. The over all winner gets tarred and feathered and run out of town just like during the 18th century.
Just like the real Nobel Prize, there would have to be different categories. I propose one to start and we'll add more later. The initial award would be for Whinery. This would go to someone who has whined above and beyond reason. Extra credit could be earned if the whiner spews forth lies, conducts deceptive practices, etc.
The first candidate, as an example, would be Nancy Pelosi.who in one fell swoop declared the majority of American citizens to be UN-American because of our opposition to gubment run health care. Lots of whine points for that one and she definitely gets the extra credit as well.
But there is another within whom the whine is strong. Yes folks, its none other than our favorite SELC attorney, Derb Carter This might have to be a group award as he represents DOW and Auto-ban, err. Audubon. We'll leave that for the committee to decide. And I don't know whether he's reading out of Pelosi's book or vice verse, but the resemblance is uncanny.
Lets look at what Derb has done and is doing to us.
  • He has closed most of our Seashore without sound science or any science. During the height of the season in 2009, 73% of the Seashore was closed to all ORV traffic and most of that to all visitors period.
  • Our unemployment rate has jumped to 17.5%, highest in the state.
  • Many businesses last year reported being off by as much as 60% from pre-consent decree numbers with an obvious loss of jobs.
  • More expansive closures have been in place for a longer period  while Piping Plover numbers have actually declined as have turtle numbers.
  • The extreme options that Derb and company are trying to force down our throats will mean additional job loss with an official  though probably understated  estimate of as many as 320 jobs lost with the implementation of these non science based protocols.
These actions "will probably affect small businesses disproportionately" aka. about 99% of the businesses on the islands.
Can you imagine that some people might not be exactly happy about this and are trying to prevent it?
Well apparently Derb has a problem with this. There was a status conference with our buddy Judge Boyle a couple weeks ago. Derb remarks that the intervenor defendants (those that represent you and me and responsible access) are exhibiting hostile behavior and that he was having difficulty dealing with the opposition.
Can you see the parallel with Pelosi? Yup, the whine is strong with this one.
Have to give Boyle an honorable mention for asking about getting rid of the intervenors and why are "we" even in the case.Here's why yur Honor...because "we" are the only party with legitimate standing in the entire lawsuit. Unlike Derb, we CAN show injury in fact.
Derbs even gone so far as to submit a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request  to read all the emails sent from the intervenors to Dare County regarding access issues.
This stuff never ceases to amaze me.
Just leave a comment after the post as to who you think should get the award. I'll keep a tally for a bit and announce the winner later.

Tight Lines,


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