Friday, September 3, 2010

A Good Day For The Islands And A Sad Day For Me

Well, hurricane Earl is now just about history having moved off after having become a lot weaker as it approached our precious island and homes. As expected, just about everything got flooded to one extent or another and some wind damage occurred as well. A friend of mine lost his trailer which doubles as home when he, his wife, and son come from Raleigh to this place they love so much. And my thoughts go out to Frank Folb who has worked so hard and for so long to preserve access to these beaches, as his shop was apparently flooded this morning as the storm passed.

What hurts is that my good friend decided to throw in the towel and not replace this temporary dwelling. We have spent countless hours standing on the sand fishing, breaking bread, weathering 30mph winds and driving rains, all in the quest for whatever prize we could draw from the depths, sometimes to no avail. But that never mattered as it was about being here and being part of an amazing community of people from all walks of life, from all over this nation, and even the world, who love this place so dearly.

It's not the advent of a new child that prevents the replacement of the lodgings. It's what's on the horizon in terms of access to these shores, or more accurately the impending unjustified, unscientific, and unlawful denial of access to our beaches. Chalk up a victory for the dark side, including NPS, at the usual expense to our community and the American people.

For those of us that love this place so much, this is an incredibly emotional battle that is, unfortunately, far from over. Perhaps though, for the first time, we have finally opened a crack in the door that will allow us to tell our story to the nation. Our cries for help have been ignored for so long in the media, in Washington and Raleigh as well.

Many of you have heard me say good things are coming. Well after a long period of appropriate silence, the day has finally arrived when I and many others can finally spread the word. So without further delay, from work of The Greystone Project and a long list of great folks, including a fine and generous donor, the video "Piping Mad" has been released this day.

It brought tears to my eyes more than once and still does as I know these people and I know their pain and loss.

Please watch this and please join the fight to preserve access to this amazing place by joining or contributing to OBPA.

Here's the link for the short version. The Long version entitled "Weathering The Storm" should be released soon.

Thanks to everybody that made this project happen and all of you that have worked for so long to support access both financially and by spreading the word about the tragedy that besets us all, regardless of where you live or your walk of life.

Together, we can win this fight!

Tight Lines,


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