Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Well gang, its getting time to make a choice..stay or go..getting things ready just in case. For those that chose to come for the weekend, well, to use the DOW, SELC Autoban rhetoric..could happen, might happen, possibly, etc.. so don't cancel yet as its all going to depend on the track of this here storm thingy.

Only time will tell how badly the turtle nests get messed up. With 20+ foot waves breaking along the shore line and blowing out the dunes, its not possible to tell. Whats sure is that a cubic yard of seawater weighs in at about 1,784 pounds and when put in motion can wreak havoc on anything it slams against.

Hopefully Earl tracks East instead of smacking us around. Only time will tell.

Back to the preparations..

Tight Lines and everyone stay safe,


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