Monday, June 7, 2010

Recent Notes

I always love it when good friends come to town even though it serves as quite a distraction. Though the fish weren't cooperating yesterday we still had quite a good time anyway.

A few things of note. it seems the PETA folks have decided to enter a dog into this fight relative to the predator control issue here on the islands.

Also it looks like the bridge replacement issue is back on track with public comment and meetings set up for next month. This will work until our nemesis Derb Carter and SELC sue to stop the construction. That story can be found here:

It seems as though NPS lost five of the threatened piping plover chicks last week to what they claim are unknown causes. The weekly resource management report located under beach access issues at the above link details whats happening here with the birds and turtles.

And finally, a story of hypocrisy. There's a fellow that lives up north around Corolla, far removed from CHNSRA who has bashed us incessantly regarding beach driving, a traditional form of access that predates even the legislation that created the Seashore. His posts and comments can also be located in the blog posted at the above link. The funny part is, Mr. Ray Midgett, is that for all the hell you raise about us driving here, you obviously have no issues driving YOUR truck out onto the sand. BUSTED!

Well, that's all for now as its time to get busy.

Tight Lines,


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