Saturday, June 12, 2010

I'll tell you what. This whole thing about Audubon and the sale of their tax free primitive wilderness in Currituck County just keeps getting more and more ridiculous.

On the one hand, Audubon wants to sell their 13 acre oceanfront plot which they promised to preserve as primitive wilderness specifically for development...a high density multi condo/restaurant deal that will totally eradicate all wildlife and flora withing the area.

At the same time they propose to do that, they are demanding that virtually all access to OUR National Seashore Recreational Area here at Cape Hatteras be curtailed to fulfill what they claim is the mission of the Seashore, the protection of primitive wilderness, which it is decidedly not.

Yet again, at the same time, they oppose a new bridge to northern Currituck that would ease congestion on the narrow roads up that way because they say it will lead to to much development of the area and will consequently destroy a lot of important environment they claim needs to be preserved.

Except of course, when they profit from the sale of property they've never paid a dime in taxes on and can stuff $25,000,000 into their coffers.

Oh, there's more property they're trying to sell elsewhere also, all of which they promised to preserve, on the Chesapeake Bay and Vermilion Parish in Louisiana. perhaps they need yet another high rise office building in New York City?

But wait, there's more! Besides complaining that the proposed bridge would bring in more development within the same area that they wish to sell what was supposed to be preserved in perpetuity as primitive wilderness, they complain within comment submitted by our old friends, the Southern Environmental Cash Law Center that the State has not done enough study on storm water runoff and its contaminates from the proposed structure. Apparently they are concerned that said runoff would pollute the Albemarle Sound and harm native wildlife.


These are the same people that oppose a short bridge replacement paralleling the current Bonner Bridge that connects us to the mainland in favor of a 17 mile long span that will jut well out into the Pamlico Sound and they're worried about runoff on a short bridge up north??

When does this insanity and contradiction end?

Irene Nolan wrote about it in her blog which can be found here

I don't know what Audubon is smoking but I'm guessing that there's been a few to many visits to the medical marijuana clinic to buy the high dollar stuff.

Tight Lines,


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