Monday, April 26, 2010


On the eve of the first NPS meeting about the DEIS I cant sleep. I bet I'm not the only one. With a deadline of midnight, May 11th to submit public comment on this travesty of a "plan", a lot of candles will be burning these next few nights.

This whole episode is so terribly frustrating. The reality is, that neither NPS nor the assorted environmental groups can show that we, as users of the Seashore, cause harm to either the environment or wildlife. In fact, the record shows quite the opposite. All of this is conveniently ignored. But then so has been the relevant law and procedural requirement. Even the USGS protocols, the basis for which these plans are based, fail to follow regulations in terms of peer review requirements. Just how many laws and regulations will be violated in order to seize the Seashore from the American People? How many more lost jobs and ruined vacations will come to pass?

Its blowing tonight. Already water is crashing up onto the beaches at higher than normal levels and will continue to rise with each day until the full moon arrives. How many nests will be destroyed over the next few days? Not destroyed by the hand of Man, but by the sea? Its said that a cubic yard of seawater weighs 1784 pounds. Put it in motion and it becomes easy to understand how dynamic this beach system is and why wildlife struggles to survive here. If they could show it was our fault, I'd sit down and shut up.

The NPS preferred management alternative (ALT F) makes the current court approved consent decree look like child's play. Does it bother anyone but me that during the recent status conference with the judge Derb Carter said he was confident that "we" will have a final rule in place by the end of the year? We?

As I sit here, I hear the wind and the surf and every seven seconds or so the lighthouse beacon traces its path through my window.  What was for me a monument welcoming me "home" every time I came to visit years ago now stands as a testament of oppression and yet the light somehow inspires me to fight this fight. Hopefully that light will reach the minds of many and inspire them to tell the NPS hell no!

I think I'll watch the light for a bit and enjoy the wind.

Irene Nolan has another great post about public comment...:

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Y'All have a great evening.

Tight Lines,


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