Saturday, April 17, 2010

I hate laundry. Its like watching grass grow and only slightly more fun than sanding drywall.  You can quote me on that.

Yesterday was a beautiful albeit exceptionally windy day where the oceans waters struggled between warm and cold; the seemingly endless struggle that we endure every spring and fall. All eyes continue to look at the Rutgers infra-red spectrometry reading of sea surface temperatures to get an idea of where the fish should be. This time of year we're waiting for the 65 degree water to bring the Drum and other fish. Primarily though, we wait for the Drum. Had a couple of nice hits but no Red Drum for me before my short pants clad body had to go get warm. It is, after all, extremely easy to become hypothermia in a 20+ knot wind.

While I was on the sand I met a fellow fisherman from Virginia. It was his first time on the Seashore and he brought his new wife with him. After talking about fishing for a bit he asked about all the stakes, closures and cetera. The more I told him, the more he asked and the more upset he became at whats happening to OUR Seashore. This guy was on the ball. he listened, contemplated and hit me again and again with one tough question after another. After I got home and thought about what a challenging conversation we had, it occurred to me that my answer to his educated and poignant questions, my answers had fallen into mostly three basic categories; " I don't know because it doesn't make sense", "there's no peer reviewed science to justify what these people are doing", or "they are ignoring or violating federal law."

Talk about ruining a guys day. But then a lot of folks vacations have been ruined by this mess. People work hard for a living and want to come here to relax which was the intent of Congress when this Recreational Seashore was established; only to be denied. I have friends, may as well be family, that travel from all over this nation and beyond to set foot on this extraordinary beach system. All of us are being denied access to a Seashore that we, the people of this nation,own and pay to operate. All so that we can kill hundreds of innocent animals in the name of protecting a few birds who are fairing worse in spite of these draconian closures that went into effect.

 Good job! Close a Seashore, destroy an economy, break the law, ignore sound scientific process, and watch the protected wildlife numbers fall. And in the process, deny the great people of this nation access to that which is theirs.

When tax day arrived on Thursday, It ticked me off to no extent that my tax dollars were being used to shut this place down and line the pockets of the people that have done this to all of us.

Some of you may think I'm crying over nothing. Wake up folks, this is happening all over this country, one lawsuit at a time. As things are going now, it wont be long before you cant go to Yellowstone, the lawsuits are already underway and or in the making. Look for yourself and be amazed.

Tight Lines,


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