Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Well, Today I Went And Saw The Elephant

Now that may seem like a funny thing to say but back during the War for Southern Independence (1861-1865), the phrase was referred to as having gone to battle. For example, one soldier would ask another "have ya seen the elephant?" meaning had they been in the fight yet.

Well today, I saw it up close and even watched an educational film about it. Yes folks, I, and a group of friends, became the first graduating class of the new NPS "rule" that went into effect at 12:01 am this morning.

When I arrived I was surprised that so few where there but I was to glad to find that I knew just about everybody present. One by one we filed into the front office and were greeted by NPS staff who handed us a clipboard with a form to fill out with all of our pertinent information which then had to be checked against our license and vehicle registration.

Mind you, this is all being done in a relatively small trailer so there were only but so many clipboards and not much room to sit or maneuver even though there were perhaps ten of us in the room.

                                                               Permit Trailer

From there, we were shuttled, after our papers were inspected, into the "theatre" which I believe has 15 seats, to learn how to drive on the beach. With all due respect, cough, cough, even the NPS employees that I have helped dig out over the years would have learned nothing from this film except to pick up trash which they simply wont do. I don't know how much we, the taxpayer, paid for this film, but can we have our money back please? Though I must admit, NPS finally came out and said 2WD vehicles are NOT recommended, albeit still allowed.

From there, we came to a small door where two NPS staff took our funds and issued the permit. A lengthy process at best as everyone gets packed up into the hallway. As we were standing there, I could hear the movie begin yet again so at least NPS has a system in place. But come the holiday weekends, there is no way they will be able to process the numbers of visitors that wish to access the Seashore.

I might add that at no point during this film did NPS mention the carrying capacities that are part of the new "rule" which I find exceptionally deceptive. They will move you through this entire process, let you pay for your permit, but never inform you that you may not be allowed on the beach to get where you want to go via your vehicle because of this arbitrary and capricious "carrying capacity".

Mark my words folks, it was simple with just ten folks, but things aren't going to be so much fun for NPS when a family from far away comes down and goes through this process only to find they cant access the beach.

Well that was my experience. I can only imagine the nightmare that will follow.

If you have questions, I suggest you e-mail Cyndy Holda at

I would also ask that you join either OBPA, or
NCBBA, and help us fight the fight for free and open beach access.

Tight Lines,



  1. what is carrying capacity

  2. you Know thats a shame Wheat it makes no since what so ever i guess the nps are very bright guess they cant see bec of this nobody will come to the beach and if they close all the beachs what will there job be they wont have one dont look like to me but hey what do i know im just a person who loves hatteras island and will not stop going at no cost !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Joined both OBPA and NCBBA. Donated my 120 to each. Not gonna get a pass just yet. The whole thing is flawed.

  4. I ban all park service from my businesses on Hatteras Island. They murder innocent animals on our island, hiding behind their yogi bear badges, while spending millions of tax dollars studying the sand crabs, turtles and birds. These American terrorists are not wanted or welcome on Hatteras island. They stole our property and now are policing our beaches and charging us and visitors to use a recreational nation park's beach. Well they can all go straight to hell.

  5. Good on you Carol......Don't sell'em anything

  6. Right on someone work on Cape Point and tell them to stop working on the NPS trucks

  7. This looks like a good time for me to start a new business on Hatteras Island. I will sale to the NPS. This is what I have to offer them. 50.00 or 50gal. at 120.00 it is called BULL SHIT. They can bathe in it and they can eat it, what more do they need.