Thursday, November 10, 2011

An Update On The Flooding Situation At 43-44 And The Campground

Well folks, since my last post we still have issues with standing water and hoards of mosquitoes in the same areas as before which has again been compounded by the NPS refusal to protect this area and the residents and visitors of CHNSRA by rebuilding the ocean dune structure along this area.

The net effect of their inaction and excuses has created many an issue for visitors and residents as mentioned before, but it also serves to deny pedestrian access an this area as the small parking lots have remained flooded.

Another concern of course is that anyone traversing these flooded areas on foot are going to be exposed to coliform bacteria. And the more evaporation that occurs, the greater the concentrations and the greater the likelihood of  disease being transmitted to both humans and animals.

So I went out again equipped with the camera to record this prime example of dysfunctional NPS management. Interestingly, the water levels had receded quite a bit since yesterday which I found rather odd considering how long and how deeply this area has been flooded.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that NPS had cut drains to move water from the parking lots to another area that generally remains somewhat dry.

 Here is the drain cut this morning.

Heavy equipment track by the drain.

Well at least explains why some of the water is gone. What it doesn't explain is why now and why did it take so long for these people to get up and do something?

Of course the campground is still somewhat flooded and horribly loaded with mosquitoes. I was overwhelmed within seconds to take this picture. Note the deer..they poop where the go, into the water or not.

So, it looked like to me that NPS was finally trying to clear the ramps and parking lots though at the time I was there, more needed drained though it was flowing out, albeit slowly, during my visit. There is still a ways to go.

Underwater parking available at the fish cleaning station complete with the NPS mandated "preserve sightscapes" orange dumpster.

The road leading to the pedestrian parking by ramp 43.

As you can see. there is a lot more outflow that needs to flow occur before they become open for safe access for pedestrians and available for parking for the visiting public.

In a phone conversation that started only minuets after I returned home, the question as to why now, why after all this time has NPS finally acted? The answer was short and simple, "it's because this is ""Wings Over Water"" weekend". The weekend that members of the very organizations who want this Seashore shut down to a "normal" visitor, flock to the islands to watch shorebirds and migrating waterfowl. The very people who have brought lawsuits against NPS to curtail access to CHNSRA for all but themselves. The same people who a few years ago were given keys to the otherwise closed campground while access through same to ramp 45 was not allowed for anyone else.

So in the end, this is not just one more example of incompetence on the part of NPS, but also a glaring show of outright prejudice against the majority of visitors to these public lands.

Once again I'm disgusted and outraged.

Tight Lines,


(Authors note: if you're interested in my rebuttal to Kurt Repanshecks 11/11/11 article in his National Parks Traveller article, it's available here, as he obviously wont publish it..)

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