Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Many Thanks To My Friends!

Well friends, associates, countrymen, and even those from the "darkside". I wish to thank you all for your support and taking the time to read these pages. We approach a milestone this day that signifies to me that the message about our fight for free and open access having been conducted for years without any document-able "considerable adverse effects", is being spread.

Without question, our story has been curtailed by the media who for so long accepted anything that came from NPS, DOW, Audubon,SELC and even the statements of Judge Terrance Boyle, as gospel and beyond reproach.

But people are starting to listen and care about what has, and what is, happening to this Seashore, it's visitors, and those of us who live here. And they're beginning to act. And the more people listen and see the reality of this situation, the less that like it.

I didn't move to this island to be the consummate "Point Fisherman". I moved here because I fell in love with this place years ago and was compelled to fight for access to our beaches as so many others have been doing for decades.

Without the ability to show "significant adverse effect" to either wildlife or the resource, NPS has no right to shut down any portion of the Seashore to access, even by ORV.

The milestone I speak of is this blogs hit count. And it has taken a remarkable turn thanks to you who share this dialog with others. Today we will likely hit 10,000 views, a figure I would have never imagined.

To me this speaks of a determined people who refuse to allow junk science and agenda to rob them of this Seashore that was established for the benefit and enjoyment of "the people".

Again, I thank you for your support and for lending me an ear. And especially thank those who continue to share my words and the knowledge and the established law that supports our cause. Without you, we would still be in the midst of an essential agenda drieven media blackout.

We have a long row to hoe yet and I hope that you will support those that fight the fight.

Thank You and Tight Lines,


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  1. Wheat, it is I that thanks you for keeping my hopes alive and my desire to continue the fight to make things right fresh in my heart and mind.