Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Search For History Of The Islands

History has always been one of my favorite subjects as the similarities between "normal issues" today and the same from yesteryear are really not that different in terms of basic needs.

We tend though, to define history as a collection of general "moments" or happenings of particular importance. Years ago I read a passage on the back cover of a farmers almanac that described this as though we look at history as a river travelling through time defined by it's moments while ignoring all that happens along the banks as we pass by. In other words, we forget about the struggling farmer or the lives of others that never made some extraordinary impact and instead focus upon the major characters and events.

Of late, a project begun to map the "assets" of Hatteras Island which will presumably include historical assets as well. You can find out about it here:!/pages/Hatteras-Island-Asset-Mapping-Project/126958044031259

And if you enjoy looking at old photos of the Outer Banks, by all means go check out the forum dedicated to that purpose at:

My new little project closely mirrors the purpose of the OBC forum except with parameters.

What I'm looking for are old photos of people on the beaches of Hatteras and Ocracoke.
I'm even contemplating a prize.

To qualify, the pics must be pre 1960, identifiable by location, and they do not need to show vehicles on the beach but may. Photos with two or more generations of family on the sand would be greatly appreciated.

The idea is to make a volume of vintage photos that will catalog and date them for all to see.

I'm not looking for originals, just posted or emailed photos to copy and compile.

I know somebody out there has pics like these..lets save them for those that follow.

Tight Lines,


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